Applicants flock to new Yorkshire casino

niagara casinoThe Victoria Gate Casino at Leeds should certainly have no problem in finding prespective employees. It is being said over 1,000 people have flocked to the new Yorkshire based casino looking for employment.

Victoria Gate has already hired 35 employees and those persons are currently going through what can be described as a ‘casino school’. The school is one that is made up of six weeks of training and instruction and that there are two other ‘schools’ that are now in the planning. It is being said that all of those that have been hired hail from the Leeds area.

The training that is being afforded to the new employees are being put together by the National Gaming Academy. The courses are being taught by people from the Flyde College and Blackpool. The courses are 180 hours long and when completed the new hirees will be awarded with Level 2 NVQ Gambling Operations diplomas. There are three major games that are covered in the course and they are roulette, blackjack, and poker. The students taking the course will also get instruction in legislation pertaining to gambling along with customer service, safety measures, and the mathematics that pertain to odds making.

Once all of the training is done and new hires are put in place, Victoria Gate Casino will have a staff of 205 full time jobs. These jobs will also include those in hospitality positions such as wait staff and servers, chefs, greeters, and cashiers. Patrick Noakes, who is the director at Victoria Gate Casino, states that he wants his facility to be one that is at top of its class.

‘We want to build the very best leisure team in the city and give them the very best in training’ stated Noakes.

Victoria Gate Casino will be one of the biggest entertainment facilities in the city with a seating capacity of 1,400. Victoria Gate Casino will also have two bars and a restaurant. Victoria Gate Casino will become one of the focal points of the new Victoria Gate development and will certainly look to become one of the leading entertainment venues in the area.