Is An Airborne Casino The Next Big Idea?

The idea of gambling in the air once only seemed feasible in a James Bond movie, but two French airline designers have teamed together to create an airborne casino.  AirJet Designs and Designescence will create the Casino Jet Lounge, a bar and gambling venue onboard private jets that they hope to expand into international commercial flights.  While the two lead designers Jean-Pierre Alfano and Frederique Houssard are still in negotiations with various airlines, they are confident that people are ready for airline gambling.

The Casino Jet Lounge will at first only supply blackjack tables along with a bar and luxury lounges.  The designers say once the concept has been proven with blackjack, they will likely expand the airborne casino to include other popular games.  Alfano has publicly stated he believes the concept will take off, as passengers will consider the Casino Jet Lounge less of a gambling operation and more of a social experience.

When you’re on a 14-hour flight, even when you’re in business class, all you can really do is eat, drink, watch movies and sleep.  The Casino Jet Lounge isn’t just a bar or entertainment idea.  We see it as a social space.

It is this philosophy that Alfano and Houssard believe will reduce the barrier to entry for the airborne casino.  Airlines are updating their in-flight Wi-Fi services that passengers can realistically use to access online gambling sites through their smartphones or tablets.  However, the designers feel mobile gambling will be less enticing for players in the air.  Alfano expects players will more likely choose to gamble with other players at the blackjack table rather than remain cramped in their seats on their phones.

AirJet and Designescence believe there is a market for the Casino Jet Lounge, as Virgin Airways and Ryanair have hinted at their plans to install an airborne casino on their flights, though nothing has come of it yet.  Alfano and Houssard are expected to target these two airlines with the Casino Jet Lounge idea in an effort to make the airborne casino come to fruition. 

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