AGCC Reviews Full Tilt Poker’s License

We all figured it was over for Full Tilt Poker when the Alderney Gaming Control Commission took the company’s online gambling license away. Now, Full Tilt has been acquired by a company willing to get it back on its feet, and things are looking up. The AGCC has even decided to review its decision to revoke Full Tilt’s online gambling license. 

The AGCC decided to review its decision after careful consideration. The commission believes that a review of its own actions in light of Full Tilt Poker’s Black Friday crimes would be beneficial to players, the operator and the online gambling market at large.

The review will be headed by Peter Dean, the British Gambling Commission’s former chief. He will be working hard to determine whether or not the AGCC’s actions regarding Full Tilt Poker’s revoked license were fair, accurate and prompt. The report will be handed in on March 2012.

While Full Tilt Poker has been acquired and is looking forward to reopening sometime soon, many things are still up in the air. Many online poker players are still unsure if they would continue playing at Full Tilt Poker and operators are wary of working in an online gambling alongside the now tarnished online poker giant. The AGCC’s review is likely to shed some light on these concerns and provide some much-needed perspective. 


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