Zany zebra

These days, some online slots feel like they should come with instruction manuals. Considering the complicated depth of certain paytables, many slots actually do have their own digital manuals. Sometimes it’s nice to get back to basics and enjoy a classic game. The Zany Zebra online slot offers such an experience, but it does not really offer much else. This slot has three reels, five paylines, and one special feature in the wild symbol.

Zany Zebra Appearance and Basic Gameplay

The Zany Zebra online slot is styled after classic slot machines at the casino, so the appearance of the game is minimalist. You are presented with everything on one screen. The reels occupy the left side of the game and the payout values are listed on the right. This is an older Microgaming title so you should not expect the bells and whistles from much newer games. Still, the various symbols resembling vintage icons are bright and colorful. The game has sound effects as well, but you can disable them at any time.

In a similar fashion, the gameplay is simple and straightforward. You will not have many options as you prepare your bet, but this type of game doesn’t call for a lot of options. You can control the total bet spent, which includes activating additional paylines. There is also a “bet max” control to save time and instantly make the highest wager. This stripped-down gameplay may not be for everyone, but it effectively creates the feel of a classic slot machine.

The Special Features

You’ll find that the vintage stylings of the Zany Zebra slot translate to its special features. Or lack of special features. No matter how you perceive the extras in this game, they are all based on the sole wild symbol that can show up on the reels.

Wild Symbol

The wild symbol takes the form of one of Zany Zebra’s title characters. Since this is the only special feature in the game, you’ll have no problems spotting the zebra wearing shades. The wild symbol can replace the game’s normal icons and it adds a multiplier to your total winnings. It becomes especially rewarding if you end up with three wild symbols on a payline. The Zany Zebra wild symbol is also the key to earning the game’s top payout.

Average Payouts

For the type of game it is, Zany Zebra has just enough features to make it more flexible than a classic machine on the casino floor. Unfortunately, the game’s average payout percentage does not help its cause. As you play the Zany Zebra online slot, you can expect a return to player, or RTP, that sits just below 95%. This game is a great replica of the classics and may appeal to fans of vintage slots, but its RTP is weak.

The max payout in Zany Zebra is 6,000 coins by landing all three wilds on the fifth designated payline.

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Zany Zebra is a classic three-reel slot, so it will get some leniency. The game is colorful and a relaxing bit of fun for casual players and fans of the classics. However, it simply can’t keep up with newer games if you’re in search of a lot of extra features. The wild symbol is a nice touch and the game runs smoothly, but it has a bad payout percentage and may not hold your attention for long. A good tribute to the one-armed bandits, but nothing that will amaze you.