Wow pot

You can find classic three-reel online slots. You can also find progressive jackpots in the online realm of casinos. However, it’s rare to see those two styles combine in one game. Wow Pot offers the vintage feeling of a slot machine you’d find on a casino floor, but with the added benefit of a progressive jackpot. Unfortunately, the progressive jackpot is just about the only excitement the game will offer. A paltry payout percentage and limited features make this game a snoozer for anyone but jackpot fans.

Wow Pot Appearance and Basic Gameplay

Unlike other games that offer a free slots demo, Wow Pot can’t be fully experienced unless you play the game with the integrated progressive jackpot for real money. At first glance, the game shows off a simple layout. You can view every available payout on the right side of the screen, and the reels of the game are next to this information on the left. The symbols resemble classic icons that you see on slot machines. The entire game is vibrant and colorful, but it does not offer any advanced animations or graphics.

Gameplay on the Wow Pot online slot is easy to learn for new players, but you might be underwhelmed by its limited choices if you are a seasoned player. The slot allows you to adjust the value of each coin and the number of coins to be wagered. There is also a “bet max” button to bypass those steps and instantly bet as much as possible. Besides the obligatory “spin” button, the game doesn’t offer anything else for adjusting gameplay.

The Special Features

In the spirit of old slot machines, the Wow Pot game keeps things minimal. However, the real excitement in this online slot comes from its special features. The extras in this game that can boost your payouts include a wild symbol and, of course, the excellent progressive jackpot that is always growing.

Wild Symbol

The Wow Pot logo is the wild symbol for the game, making it easy for you to spot the symbol when it appears. In order to benefit from the wild, you are required to bet the maximum of three coins before you spin. However, the wild symbol can then replace any normal icon and increase the amount of money that you win.

Progressive Jackpot

As the name somewhat suggests, the major highlight of this online slot is its progressive jackpot. The total amount you can win is always increasing in value, because the pot is linked to all Microgaming casinos that host the game. If any other players are betting money on Wow Pot, their coins go into the jackpot until someone is lucky enough to win it. The progressive jackpot is yours when you land three Wow Pot wild symbols on the payline.

Average Payouts

Despite its nice colors and great progressive jackpot feature, the base game of Wow Pot has a lousy payout percentage. The return to player (RTP) averages at just over 89%, which is terrible. This low RTP is justified because you are mainly playing for the jackpot, but you are better off choosing other slots for the basic gameplay.

Wow Pot has a top normal win of 10,000 coins but the real jackpot has no set amount.

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The Wow Pot online slot has an enticing progressive jackpot and some decent vintage-style graphics. Other than that, the game is a disappointment. You will have a chance to earn extra cash by landing on wild symbol during gameplay, but the RTP for this game is garbage and can only be compensated for by the jackpot. If you’re after the uncommon hybrid of a classic three-reel slot with a progressive jackpot, this game is a nice option. Otherwise, try something else.