Wheel of wealth special edition

If you’re a fan of the classic Wheel of Wealth slot, consider this the game’s grand return. Wheel of Wealth Special Edition is now an advanced video slot with five reels and 25 paylines. You will find that this edition has a lot more content that adds to the excitement. In addition, there are more special features and improved graphics. Wheel of Wealth Special Edition offers a prime example of first-class casino gaming in a convenient package.

Wheel of Wealth Special Edition Appearance and Basic Gameplay

The first thing worth mentioning is the visual appeal of the Wheel of Wealth Special Edition online slot. This game has expanded to five reels, and you will see much more up-to-date graphics. The background is still plain, but the reels and the individuals symbols feature vibrant colors and excellent detail. Wheel of Wealth Special Edition definitely improves on the original in terms of graphics. The sound effects, which can be turned on or off, are also given an update.

If the original Wheel of Wealth feels limiting in its controls, you will be happy to know that the Special Edition game includes more flexible gameplay. You can adjust the value of each coin that you bet and the total number of coins. The game also lets you change the number of active paylines. If you have experience playing online slots, the “bet max” and “autoplay” options can further accommodate your own playing style.

The Special Features

The special features in the Wheel of Wealth Special Edition slot include similar benefits of the original, but Microgaming adds in more ways for you to win. Each feature has the purpose of increasing how much money you can earn in a payout, plus they are just a lot of fun to experience.

Wild Symbol

As is the case in the first game, the wild symbol in Wheel of Wealth Special Edition is the slot’s logo. It replaces any normal icon to complete a payline and also adds a 2x multiplier to your winnings. The wild symbol is a great addition for quickly boosting your payouts.

Scatter Symbol

Wheel of Wealth Special Edition now has a scatter symbol. It comes in the form of a “coin” symbol that pays out without adhering to normal game rules. You will earn a multiplier on your original bet based on how many scatters appear at the same time. The multiplier from a scatter combination can be as much as 200 times your bet!

Exclusive Bonus Game

This game obviously just isn’t complete without the special feature that makes the original so much fun. The special Wheel of Wealth bonus game will reward you with straight-up payouts by spinning the wheel and getting a random prize. You can win a lot more money playing this Special Edition game, but the premise of the bonus round remains the same.

Average Payouts

Wheel of Wealth Special Edition expands on the format of the original game, with numerous features to back it up. Surprisingly, the new edition of the game posts an average payout percentage that is identical to its predecessor. The typical return to player (RTP) you can expect from this online slot is 96%. However, the game has a high variance and makes your winnings even more unpredictable. Depending on what you look for in a slot, the volatility can either be good or disappointing.

By the way, you will have a chance at winning up to 100,000 coins while playing Wheel of Wealth Special Edition.