Whack A Jackpot

If you’ve been on this earth long enough, you’ll remember when arcades were a thing. Nothing compares to going to the local arcade, throwing in some coins, and playing the classics that shaped an entire industry. The Whack A Jackpot online scratch card seeks to capture some of that nostalgia. A product of Microgaming, this game will let you relive the glory days when games weren’t available online.

Whack A Jackpot Online Scratch Card Basics

The visuals in Whack A Jackpot are about as silly as it gets, but it makes the game fun. Because it takes its inspiration from whack-a-mole, the online scratch card models itself after a classic arcade machine. The background is full of bright colors and the basic rules of the game are clearly displayed on the top of the “machine.” Microgaming does a great job with this title by appealing to fans of vintage arcade games and putting a modern twist on the format of the gameplay. You’ll also hear unique sound effects that accompany the game, which can be turned off if you want to play quietly.

This is a simple online scratch card, so don’t expect much flexibility in terms of the controls. You can change the total value of your stake on each round and then select “REVEAL ALL” to see where the moles randomly pop up. If the moles hit any of the multipliers, that numerical value is combined with your stake. You have the chance of getting as much as a 10,000x multiplier on your winnings! However, there are “strike” zones in every round. If you accumulate three strikes, the game will end.

Special Features …Or Lack Thereof

This is a scratch card game and not an online slot. Therefore, you’re not going to find any special features in the game besides the multipliers. If special features are your thing, you’ll be better off looking at other free slots demos to find what you like.

Average Payouts

With decent graphics and simple gameplay, the Whack A Jackpot scratch card online game is a nice fit for lottery players. However, the lack of special features is disappointing. The silver lining is that you can expect an above-average return to player (RTP) for this game, at least when comparing it to online slots. Whack A Jackpot has an average RTP of over 96% and a medium variance. While it’s not the greatest ever, it will make the game more entertaining than it lets on at first.

On a side note, you can win up to 100,000 coins from a single game in the Whack A Jackpot scratch card.

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Whack A Jackpot seems to be a Microgaming creation for a niche audience. While it is a nice rendition of a classic arcade game and a cool take on scratch cards, it fails to be an all-around impressive title. The graphics and sounds of the game are decent enough, but you won’t have a lot of betting options. Furthermore, no special features means that this game can potentially get boring really fast. Whack A Jackpot has a nice top payout and RTP, but it has a hard time competing with online slots.