Treasure nile

Ancient Egypt is known for many things, including the incredible pyramids of the empire that still stand today. Of course, this kingdom’s treasures are always another big factor in how you imagine the luxurious lifestyles of its rulers. Treasure Nile aims to offer you some of those riches in the form of a progressive jackpot. This online slot is built with five reels and nine adjustable paylines, in addition to the elusive but highly rewarding jackpot that can be won. Unfortunately, you might be let down if you’re looking for an entertaining base game.

Treasure Nile Appearance and Basic Gameplay

The overall visual appeal of the Treasure Nile slot is nothing special, but this game’s looks are not supposed to the be the highlight. Its background is a solid purple color, and the paylines are all clearly marked on the sides of the reels. The symbols have a nice touch of color, but they are not as impressive as other Microgaming designs that you can find. This game’s jackpot is displayed at the top in real time, constantly increasing as other players participate.

You can use the basic controls in the game to make it fit your playing style. The nine paylines of the game are adjustable, so you can choose exactly how many lines you want to play. However, the jackpot requires that you bet on all nine lines. You will also be able to instantly wager on every payline by using the “bet max” feature. There are not many additional controls, but this is typically the case in a slot that focuses on a progressive jackpot. More info about the normal game’s payouts can be seen by selecting “view payout.”

The Special Features

Many progressive slots do not include any special features aside from the jackpot. However, Treasure Nile goes the extra mile to make your normal game experience a bit better. These features include a wild and a scatter, two staples of online slots that will increase the opportunity for winning a payout.

Wild Symbol

The “pyramids” icon is the wild symbol in Treasure Nile. When it appears on the reels, it will replace any standard icon and complete a winning combo of one is available. The wild symbol is a great way to put more winnings into your account. However, you should note that the wild symbol will not complete the necessary combination for the progressive jackpot.

Scatter Symbol

Normal payouts occur left to right, but the “scarab” scatter symbol does not follow these rules. If you get at least three scatter symbols at the same time on the reels, you will receive a unique payout that is based on your original bet. This feature might be run-of-the-mill in most games, but it’s a nice touch for a progressive slot. The scatter symbol cannot be replaced by a wild.

Progressive Jackpot

The main reason players end up sticking with this game is its progressive jackpot. Being a Microgaming title, this game is connected to the progressive jackpot network. Any casino that features the Treasure Nile progressive slot contributes to its total jackpot. With plenty of player always trying their luck at winning, the jackpot value grows rapidly. This highlighted feature can possibly reward you with the biggest payout of your life!

Average Payouts

Progressive slots are notorious for having a low return to player (RTP) in their base games. Treasure Nile is not much of an exception. When you play this game, you should expect an RTP that averages around 92%. This number is actually slightly better than other progressives, but it pales in comparison to normal online slots. The game is ideal for fans of jackpots, but you should consider other titles if you just want a well-rounded online slot.

The top normal payout in Treasure Nile is 6,000 coins, but the progressive jackpot is limitless.

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If you want a slot that features the thrill of a progressive jackpot, Treasure Nile is a great choice. Other than that, the game falls short in nearly every aspect. The graphics of this online slot feel especially dated, and its gameplay leaves a lot to be desired. A nice perk is the extra special features besides the progressive jackpot, but the RTP is terrible. Microgaming offers many exciting online slots that have become classics, and the developer has great progressive jackpots. However, you shouldn’t immediately expect getting the best of both worlds in one game.