Titans of the sun theia

Are you fascinating by the mythology surrounding different cultures? Do you like online slots? If you answered “YES and YES,” you are about to add a new favorite game to your playlist. Titans of the Sun Theia combines the exciting mythology of Greek culture with an advanced online slot to create a memorable gaming experience. 15 paylines, five reels, and a lot of bonus features make this a slot that you will be compelled to try out.

Titans of the Sun Theia Appearance and Basic Gameplay

If you’ve ever been let down by the graphics of a free slots game, you won’t have this problem with Titans of the Sun Theia. This game has some of the best visuals that Microgaming offers, from the beautiful backdrop to the expertly designed symbols. Sound effects that accompany this game are equally as immersive, but you also have the option to turn them off. Even with the modern animation that powers the spinning reels, this slot does not suffer from many technical errors.

Gameplay is kept simple. You can adjust the number of coins that you wish to bet on a spin before activating the reels. The paylines that are permanently enabled will light up when you hit a winning combination. If you are an experienced player, you can allow the slot to spin on its own by using the “autoplay” function. For newer players, Titans of the Sun Theia offers a “paytables” section that details its various possible payouts.

The Special Features

You’ll find plenty of entertainment in the base game of the Titans of the Sun Theia slot. However, there are plenty of special features to boost this slot’s rewards factor. You can encounter both scatter and wild symbols, in addition to an exciting free spins feature.

Wild Symbol

The wild symbol in the game is probably the most exciting feature you will find. This symbol resembles the game’s logo and works by replacing other normal icons to complete payouts. The thing that sets it apart, though, is its second function of expanding across the reels as much as six times.

Scatter Symbol

Scatter symbols work on their own to create a payout, which is exactly what this slot’s “dancing couple” symbol does as well. If you see at least two scatters on the reels at the same time, you will win a payout. You can also unlock free spins if three scatter symbols appear during a single spin.

Free Spins

Free spins round out the rewarding bonus features in Titans of the Sun Theia. When you activate the free spins feature, you will start out with 15 spins. More free spins can be unlocked as you play, and every payout is multiplied by two. This slot’s counterpart, Titans of the Sun Hyperion, does not offer the free spins 2x multiplier.

Average Payouts

This game will impress you with its features and appearance, but you’ll get the most value from its payout percentage. The Titans of the Sun Theia slot has high volatility with its RTP, making it more exciting and unpredictable. However, the RTP still dwells from 96% to 97% and is much higher than many other slots.

You can win up to 75,000 credits as the unofficial jackpot from Titans of the Sun Theia.

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  • Visuals and Sound Effects
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It’s not often that an online slot is strong in all its aspects, but the Titans of the Sun Theia slot is an uncommon game. Its overall appearance is stunning to experience, and the basic gameplay offers something to new and experienced players alike. The special features are plentiful and offer numerous ways to generate better payouts. With an average payout percentage that creeps close to 97%, this game is a premier choice for everyone.