The Rat Pack

If you’ve ever heard the collaborations that include Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr., and Dean Martin, you’ll know that this group was unofficially known as the Rat Pack. Microgaming features a slot that honors the legendary singers, but with a twist that is a more literal take on the name. The Rat Pack is a modern video slot with five reels and 30 paylines. It has the basic features you need and enough special features to make your payouts something to sing about.

The Rat Pack Appearance and Basic Gameplay

The Rat Pack online slots game makes a great first impression when you look at it. Reels of the game are placed in front of a background that resembles a stage. The symbols are very bright and colorful, and the creative design given to the game’s characters is very endearing. On each side of the reels, you will see that the paylines are clearly marked and identify which lines are active. Animations featured when the reels spin are optimized so you don’t have to worry about losing your payouts from a technical error.

In addition to its visuals, The Rat Pack has numerous controls that let you control the action in your own way. Before spinning the reels, you can change the value of a coin and the number of coins that you want to bet. You are also able to adjust how many paylines are active and really make the slot fit your own playing style. If you’re a player with experience, you can use the “autoplay” feature to set your bet and activate the game for a specified number of spins. If you want to know more about payouts, all you have to do is click the “view pays” option.

The Special Features

There are a handful of special feature presented in The Rat Pack to boost the winnings you can earn. They are standard fare for an online slot, but they are incredibly valuable with unique multipliers attached to how much you get paid. You’ll see plenty of ways to win, starting with wilds.

Wild Symbol

Many modern online slots feature a wild symbol, but few offer more than one. The Rat Pack provides you with two different wild symbols that have the sole purpose of increasing your payouts. The game’s logo serves as one wild and replaces any normal icon. It is the key to winning one of the bigger possible payouts. The other wild symbol is not as valuable, but it will double any of your wins as a substitute. Fittingly, it is represented by a “2X” icon.

Scatter Symbol

The “cymbal” icon is the designated scatter symbol for the game. If you hit at least two scatters at once during a spin, you will earn a payout. The scatter is a simple way to collect some cash, but it also has a second function. Getting three or more scatter symbols on the reels will unlock the game’s free spins bonus.

Free Spins

Free spins in The Rat Pack operate in a unique way, making the feature stand out in a big way. Any scatters that start the round will remain on the reels. As you play each free spins, the scatters will slide down one space. You will continue to earn free spins as long as a scatter is on the reels. The feature ends when all scatters disappear, and your total payout is credited.

Average Payouts

This game is strong in the visual presentation and the special features. However, the returns on your real money are another important factor in deciding the slot’s overall value. The Rat Pack has an average payout percentage of 96%. This number sits in the middle among other online slots, making the game a decently rewarding choice.

In addition, you are able to win a top single payout of 30,000 coins when you play The Rat Pack.

  • Theme and Gameplay
  • Visuals and Sound Effects
  • Bonuses and Features
  • Entertainment Factor
  • Payouts


The massive amount of slots provided by Microgaming can sometimes make it hard to find the titles that really stand out. The Rat Pack is not the most amazing game you’ll find, but its strong performance in the important categories make it a worthy choice for any player. It features fun graphics and practical special features that aren’t hard to learn. Its payout percentage is lukewarm, but you’ll encounter a medium variance to make things more exciting. The Rat Pack may not be an instant classic, but it is worth a try.