If you ever get tired of the same old slot format, perhaps you need a game that is definitely out of this world. The Supernova online slot is a unique casino game that comes from Quickspin and runs on the Microgaming platform. This game delivers in every area that matters, including excellent graphics and exclusive special features.

Supernova Online Slots Basics

The first thing you might notice about Supernova online slots is that the game is somewhat different from others. Its reels are divided into a group of three and a group of two, with three rows of symbols on each reel. Supernova does not come with any specific paylines, but you will have 27 different ways that you can win while playing. The visual appearance of the slot game is stunning. You’ll encounter a background full of galaxies and stars in outer space, with the otherworldly theme carrying over to the game’s symbols. If anything, Supernova certainly make a great first impression.

Supernova online slot has a number of bet values that you can use, but not much else. The coin value starts out at 0.25 and incrementally goes up to 50 coins as the maximum amount. You’ll be able to use the autoplay feature to control the game if you’re a more advanced player. Beyond that, the game does not offer additional betting options. However, the online slot’s simplicity means that it is a great choice for newer players.

The Special Features

So Supernova is great-looking online slot game, but can you expect the same quality from its special features? Fortunately, the slot has some unique features in its gameplay that are equally as impressive as the visuals.

Wild Symbol

As is the case with most high-quality online slots, Supernova has a wild symbol as a special feature. The symbol is easy to notice, coming in the form of an icon that says “WILD” in clear lettering. If you land the wild symbol, it will replace any normal icon in the game and can complete a winning combo.

Multiplier Reels

You’ll notice that the base game only spins the three reels on the left. While it seems limited at first, any three matching symbols from the left reels will activate the two reels on the right. These two reels are special in that they will apply a multiplier to your winnings by landing additional symbols for your payout. The multiplier reel aspect is a unique function in Supernova and can increase your winnings by up to 10 times the original amount.

Average Payouts

The visual appeal and special features in Supernova are both top-notch aspects of the game. The only question that remains is how well the game pays out to its players. You’ll be happy to know that the Supernova online slot posts an average payout percentage of over 97%. In the realm of online slots, this average is quite a bit higher than usual, making Supernova worth your bets.

Supernova also has a maximum possible win of 25,000 coins if you happen to hit a lucky streak.

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The Supernova online slot is strong in all areas. Its visual appearance will impress fans of outer space and slots enthusiasts alike. The game has a couple special features to boost your winnings and the multiplier reels are an exciting shift from the norm. On top of everything else, the slot’s average payout percentage is hard to beat. It’s no wonder why Microgaming confidently hosts this title on its software platform. Supernova is a recommended casino game for all players.