When it’s time for a vacation, millions of individuals flock to the beach for relaxation. The beach setting represents enjoying yourself and having fun. Microgaming captures the laid back, easy going theme of the beach life in Sunquest. This online slot is a replica of a machine at land-based gaming venues and features five reels. It also has nine adjustable paylines and can be played for free or with real money. The game looks nice on the surface, but it may not hold your attention for long. Its main features will be the deciding factor.

Sunquest Appearance and Basic Gameplay

The Sunquest online slot from Microgaming is an older title. You won’t see the amazing graphics that are present in many of the developer’s newer games. The background for the game is just a solid color instead of actual artwork. However, the colorful symbols on the reels still give Sunquest a pleasing appearance. On the sides of the reels, the paylines display the start and stop point. This older style of game also features simple animations when the reels spin, making the chance of a technical error less likely. If you’ve ever had winnings wiped out by a glitch, you know how important the performance is.

Despite a mediocre visual presentation, Sunquest comes with flexible controls that allow you to adjust the game to your playing style. All bets rely on coins and the value of each coin is an adjustable factor. You can also change the number of paylines that will be active during a spin. If you plan on wagering the top amount, you can instantly do so by clicking the “BET MAX” button. An expert section is available that includes the “autoplay” feature for spinning the reels automatically with the same bet.

The Special Features

Special features can be the determining factor of the quality in an online slot, as they make the game unique and rewarding. Sunquest has two special features despite feeling more like a classic slot. Each feature will increase the value of the payouts you can receive and add a bit of variety to the base game.

Wild Symbol

The wild symbol in Sunquest will be easy to spot. This symbol displays the word “WILD” in the foreground with a tropical setting behind it. If you end up with a wild symbol as part of your combination, it can replace any other normal icon to complete the winning pattern. However, the combination still has to occur from left to right. The wild will not replace the scatter either.

Scatter Symbol

Sunquest has a scatter symbol, but it is limited in how rewarding it can be. If you land at least three scatter symbols on the reels during one spin, you’ll earn a payout. Scatter don’t follow the normal game rules and create a unique payout instead. Your original bet combines with the multiplier of the scatter win to determine the total payout. The downside about Sunquest’s scatter symbol is that it doesn’t have any free spins connected to it.

Average Payouts

So far, the Sunquest online slot shows off the limitations of its gameplay in both the visual appeal and the special features. Fortunately, its average payout percentage is the silver lining! You can expect a return to player (RTP) that is just slightly below 97%. While Sunquest may not have the best features, its RTP is considerably better than a lot of online slots. If you don’t mind a dated casino game and care more about returns, Sunquest may be a good choice.

In addition, the game has a nifty jackpot amount of 10,000 coins when you land the Sunquest symbol five times in a row.