Stash of the titans

This may not be the first game about mythological creatures, but it is definitely one of the prettiest. The Stash of the Titans online slot is a Microgaming title. It has 20 paylines across five reels and features advanced options for making bets. You can play this game for real money or for free, and both versions include access to the various special features. This online slot is a favorite among online casino players, and it’s easy to see why.

Stash of the Titans Appearance and Basic Gameplay

Stash of the Titans follows the style of popular Greek mythology seen in other online slots, but with a twist of its own. The reels are set against a background that features a mountainous setting and ancient architecture. Almost all of the symbols represent a mythological character, but the cartoon style of the artwork gives the game a fun, lighthearted theme. This slot is a great representation of Microgaming’s higher quality work. Even the controls of the game are uniquely designed to contribute to the theme. In addition, you’ll hear sound effects and audio as you play, but they can be turned off within the top menu.

The normal gameplay is just like other popular online slots. You must line up at least three symbols on a payline that occur left to right. If you get a winning combination, the game will pay out according to its paytables. Before you spin the reels, you can change different factors of your total bet. Stash of the Titans allows you to adjust the coin value, coins per line, and the number of paylines. To skip these steps, you can simply click the “BET MAX” button instead. It is not immediately present on the game’s control panel, but there is an autoplay feature for advanced players.

The Special Features

Stash of the Titans is certainly a beautifully designed online slot. However, a pretty appearance doesn’t create a classic without special features. The Stash of the Titans online slot has the benefit of numerous bonus features that make your gameplay more exciting. Each feature is specifically designed to give you a better chance at winning more money.

Wild Symbol

For an online slot to be a popular hit, a wild symbol is almost mandatory. The wild symbol in Stash of the Titans comes in the form of the game’s logo. It can replace any normal symbol in the game to complete a winning combination, but the game rules of paying left to right still apply. A nice perk is that the wild symbol adds a multiplier to your bet based on how many times it appears on the payline.

Scatter Symbol

The scatter symbol in the game is represented by none other than Medusa! This snake-haired creature from Greek mythology is a well-known character from classic stories. When at least three Medusa symbols appear on the reels, you will receive a scatter payout. In addition, the scatter multiplies your original bet by up to 50 times. What makes the scatter symbol even better is its role in unlocking free spins.

Free Spins

If you’re familiar with a free spins bonus, the Stash of the Titans free spins are pretty much standard fare. Scatters activate the round by appearing three times during one spin, and you’ll then get 15 spins that combine with a nice quadruple multiplier. This bonus is nothing special or unique, but it greatly increases the value of playing the game.

Average Payouts

Something else that increases a game’s value is the payout percentage. Stash of the Titans posts an average payout percentage of a little bit over 95%. The return to player is not great, as many other Microgaming titles trend towards a better average. However, it’s not enough to make you shy away from what is otherwise an astounding online slot.

It may also help to know that you can win as many as 200,000 coins from this game’s amazing scatter multiplier.

Stash of the titans
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First the bad news, and then the good news. The bad news is that Stash of the Titans has a lower payout percentage than similar games. The good news is everything else about this online slot. Its graphics are incredible and give you a fun, entertaining game that is not intimidating. There are only a few special features, but each one has some seriously rewarding multipliers. In addition, the game itself lets you control more aspects of your bet. Stash of the Titans may not always pay out like other slots, but it has all the makings of a classic.