Spring break

There’s nothing like getting out of school or work for a week and heading to the beach for vacation. We all need some time to recharge every once in a while, which is why Microgaming decided to use the theme in a game with universal appeal. Spring Break is an online slot that has five reels and just nine paylines. As you play the game, you’ll experience various special features and gameplay that is easy to control. Take some time off and enjoy Spring Break any time of the year right from home.

Spring Break Appearance and Basic Gameplay

As an older title from Microgaming, the Spring Break online slot does not have the modern graphics that you’ll see in other games. The background of the slot is a plain, solid color and doesn’t contribute to the game’s appeal. However, the reels display various symbols that have colorful designs and high quality artwork. The game offers an advantage of showing you exactly where the paylines fall along the reels. Spring Break features sound effects to enhance the game, but you have the option to turn the audio off if you prefer to play quietly.

You have just enough controls to make your gameplay better as you spin the reels. Besides the very self-evident “SPIN” button, you will get options that adjust the total number of coins per payline and the amount of paylines that you want active. The “BET MAX” button is included to skip the steps in betting and just go for the highest amount possible. You can also use autoplay in the expert options for further customization of the game. Autoplay makes the reels spin on their own with your original bet locked in.

The Special Features

For a classic game, Spring Break is a decent choice. The special features, however, make this online slot much more enjoyable. While there isn’t any bonus that is exclusive to this game, there are the most common special features that players look for in a good slot. You are bound to run into these features if you spend some time on Spring Break.

Wild Symbol

The Spring Break logo is the wild symbol for the game, making it easy to spot. Having at least one wild as part of your winning combination will automatically double your payout. In addition, the wild symbol creates a massive payout of its own if it lands five times in a row on the reels. Just remember that the wild still follows the normal rules of the game and has to pay out from the left to the right.

Scatter Symbol

This game’s scatter symbol comes in the form of the “beach party” icon. You must get at least three scatter symbols to receive any type of payout, but they don’t have to appear in a set order. Scatter symbols create a unique payout that is instantly credited to your account. These special symbols are also the key to getting some free spins out of the Spring Break online slot!

Free Spins

Once you land three scatters in a single spin, the game will take you to the free spins round. You get 15 free spins and a 3x multiplier is applied to all of your winnings during the bonus. One cool feature is the ability to trigger more free spins as you play. The free spins feature will keep your original bet until the session ends.

Gamble Feature

Spring Break has one more special feature, and it is a hit among the risk-takers. The gamble feature lets you take your winnings and wager them on correctly guessing a playing card’s color or suit. If you choose the color, you can double your winnings. A correct suit guess will quadruple the payout you get. However, if you get the answer wrong, you’ll lose your winnings. The gamble feature is a nice extra thrill, but it comes with a gamble limit.

Average Payouts

You’ll get a good experience out of Spring Break through its special feature, even if you’re not a big fan of the dated graphics. The only question remaining is how reliable this online slot is at paying out. Spring Break has a return to player (RTP) that typically lands around 96%. It’s a solid average for an online slot, though it is not anything spectacular. If you prioritize seeing returns on your bets, this game shouldn’t let you down.

The top single payout in Spring Break is 10,000 coins.

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Spring Break is a great choice if you like a decent amount of special features with multipliers attached. The game is also not too shabby in terms of its payout percentage. However, it has a visual appearance that probably won’t age well, considering how the graphics already feel underwhelming. You’ll get the right amount of control over the gameplay with the provided buttons, and the gamble feature is always awesome. This isn’t a surefire favorite, but it deserves a couple spins.