spingo by MicrogamingSpingo is a Microgaming developed game. This game brings a new concept to gaming. This game is a mix of Bingo and Roulette, this is why it is called spingo (as a spinning Bingo game). In this game, players spin a colored wheel that has three colors. In the middle, there is a bingo machine that pushes out a bingo ball with a number. Players will have the chance to place bets on the number and the color in order to win.

Are you ready for a great game that is unique in its concept and it is highly addictive and rewarding. You better be, because this is what this original Microgaming game offers you, This game is none other than Spingo. It is a game that mixes between two of the most popular casino games. These two games are Bingo and the Spinning roulette wheel, this is why the game is entitled Spingo. Players can get to enjoy the game here with practice credit so they can sharpen their skills before placing real money bets on the game.

In this game, players will see a wheel that resembles the roulette wheel and a betting area that also resembles the roulette betting area. Instead of the usual roulette numbers on the wheel and the bets, players will see that the wheel that has three colors with no numbers. These colors are blue, red and yellow with one green slot. Once players place their bets on the betting area, a bingo machine will pop up a number that will keep spinning until it lands on one of the colors and according to the color and the number, players will be rewarded.

The bets available at the betting area include color bets such as blue, red and yellow or even green. Players will win these bets if the ball lands on the color they chose. There are also number specific bets in which players can choose the number and the color. Just like roulette, the more specific bets that have lower chances of winning always pay better than the rest of the bets. There is also the history table, which shows players all of the winning numbers and their colors, which can help players figure out the hot numbers and colors of the table so they can bet on them.


Spingo combines the best aspects of two great games; bingo and roulette. Spingo at our free casino gives players endless combinations of fun free play.