Six shooter looter gold

In this game, you will roll the dice, in the form of a gun barrel. The number of bullets in the barrel will determine how many circles the cowboy will move. You will have to avoid certain signs that will cause the Native American to kill the cowboy. On the way, you will stumble upon riches and gold.

Six Shooter Looter is a western themed arcade game that can also be found under the scratch card gaming category because it is a game of pure luck. In this game, players will take control of a western cowboy with blonde hair and a cowboy outfit as he tries to make his way through a dangerous Indian land in order to reach the bank and get paid. On the way, he will have to avoid the dangers of the Indian land and the spells that are cast to kill him by a young Native American enchanter. Players will see the Native American lady on the left side next to a campfire. Players will try to aid him in avoiding these dangers to get paid and of course, players will be paid for their help and bravery as well.

Players will start off by placing a bet at the stake cell before they can begin. After they decide on the stake, they will click on new game to start. They will then click on roll so they can see how many spaces will the cowboy move. The dice come in the form of a gun barrel that has six bullets, it will spin and the number of bullets left in the barrel determines the number of spots that the cowboy will move.

He will move on wooden planks that have different colors. There are the blue outlined planks, which are safe and neutral. The cowboy will be safe on them and will live for another round. There are the money spots in which players will earn a payout and there are the red outlined ones, which cause immediate death. The cowboy will only have 6 rolls to reach the bank and he will be paid according to the last payout spot that he managed to get past before the 6 rolls ran out or before he died.