Rock the Boat

Vegas and Elvis have a long history together, and the use of the King in an online slot is obviously a natural fit. Rock the Boat is a classic slot online with three reels and just one payline. It features very simplistic gameplay, making it a good starting point for a new player. However, the game falls short in areas of importance.

Rock the Boat Online Slot Basics

As you launch the Rock the Boat online slot, you’ll immediately pick up on the game’s theme. An Elvis impersonator is standing on a rowboat, with a guitar and a microphone in hand. A lighthouse shines brightly in the background, with the reels of the game above. This is a simple online slot with a classic design, but Microgaming does a nice job of adding color and detail to the game. All of the pay values are shown to the right on the screen. The symbols include the classic “BAR” design, as well as unique icons for Rock the Boat. You have the option to turn off the sound effects if you want peace and quiet.

The game looks great, but there isn’t much to its gameplay controls. Before you spin, you can change the number of coins and the value of each coin. Since Rock the Boat only has one payline, you won’t have any control over adjusting lines. You can use “BET MAX” to instantly wager the most money, but its usefulness in such a simple game is almost nonexistent. After spinning the reels, your payout will be displayed in the “WIN” column.

The Special Features

Rock the Boat mimics the classic slot machines, and doesn’t have many bells and whistles as a result. The same can be said about the game’s special features. In fact, Rock the Boat only has one special feature in the form of a wild symbol.

Wild Symbol

The wild symbol in Rock the Boat is the Elvis impersonator. If you get at least one wild symbol, it will replace any other icon and double the total payout you receive. Two of these wild symbols will add a nice 4x multiplier to your winnings. You can also hit three wild symbols in a row on all the reels. As long as you bet two coins, you can win the top payout in the game with three wilds on the payline.

Average Payouts

While all slots do not have great payout percentages, they typically have special features and exciting gameplay as the highlight. Rock the Boat unfortunately falls short in all of these categories. This online slot has a return to player (RTP) that averages around 95.5%. It’s not the best and not the worst, but the game’s disappointing features make it a tough sell for new players.

You can win as many as 1,600 coins from a single spin with the Rock the Boat online slot.

  • Theme and Gameplay
  • Visuals and Sound Effects
  • Bonuses and Features
  • Entertainment Factor
  • Payouts


While there are plenty of Microgaming classics out there, this game isn’t one of them. You may enjoy Rock the Boat if you’re a huge fan of vintage slot machines. Other than that, the features of the slot are underwhelming. Not enough controls and one paylines lead to gameplay that gets boring fast, and the payout percentage is mediocre. You can easily find a Microgaming title that outshines this one, and you probably should.