Retro Reels

One part of the land-based casino that is hard to replicate is the slot machine. To be clear, the gameplay and features are easily remade for online casinos. However, the actual classic shape and style of the machine is something you don’t often see with an online game. Microgaming has created the Retro Reels series of online free slots and real money slots to fill this gap, and the developer did a great job! This game has five reels with 20 paylines and will make you feel closer than ever to the casino floor.

Retro Reels Online Slots Basics

In regards to this game’s visual display, the name really says it all. The Retro Reels online slot is designed to look just like a classic slot machine that you find at the casino. Although the background of the game is kind of boring, the reels and symbols are full of color and sharp details. Unlike most vintage machines, Retro Reels has five reels and numerous paylines on which you can win money. The paylines of the game are all labeled on the sides of the reels. You can see exactly where combinations will occur. Retro Reels features sound effects to accompany the authentic style of the game, and they can be turned off if silence is needed.

The game allows you to control your bets more than other online slots. Before you spin the reels, you can change the value of coin that you bet and the total number of coins. Retro Reels also enables the adjustment of paylines for more flexible betting. If you know you just want to wager the highest amount possible, you can simply push the “BET MAX” button to do so instantly. Information on payouts is readily available by selecting the “VIEW PAYS” option on the slot menu.

The Special Features

Retro Reels has a few special features that will make your time playing the game more exciting. The special features include run-of-the-mill things like a scatter symbol and the free spins round. However, the game also contains a unique respin feature that can help you to extend your chances of winning a payout.

Scatter Symbol

The game’s scatter symbol rewards you with a payout as long as it shows up on the reels more than once during a single spin. While other symbols have to line up from the left to the right to create a payout, the same rules don’t apply to the scatter. This special symbol will also unlock free spins if you see it two times on the reels.

Free Spins

Free spins in Retro Reels are simple to understand. When you land at least two scatters, the free spins round will unlock. You’ll get five free spins for each scatter that is present when the round starts. The bonus doubles every payout you receive and the active paylines will stay the same. You can earn more free spins if you hit scatters during the bonus round.

The RESPIN Feature

The highlight of the game is its respin feature. After you spin the reels, you will have the option to spin a reel again while the others are locked in place. You can do this for any reel you want, but there is a small fee applied to each reel that you activate. The cost is calculated separately for each reel in the game and you will only get the payout from new combinations.

Average Payouts

Retro Reels earns points for its vintage style and helpful gameplay options. Since the online slot also has a handful of special features, its quality as a repeatable game is higher than others. You’ll be glad to know that the slot has a decent return to player (RTP) according to testing reports. Retro Reels pays out just over 96% of the player’s total bets on average. It’s not the best you’ll find in a slot, but it is good enough.

You can win up to 440,000 coins playing this online casino game.

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Retro Reels sets out to be a hybrid of old and new. The game does it well, combining classic symbols with modern gameplay features. The respin function is a nice touch for giving the player more control over the game. A better RTP would be great to see, but it doesn’t really hurt the overall value of this online slot. This game is a worthy title to try out no matter what type of slots player you are, and it will especially appeal to fans of the classics.