Rapid Reels

When you hear the name “Rapid Reels,” the first thing that may come to mind is an online slot with faster gameplay. In reality, the Rapid Reels online slots game revolves around the theme of actual river rapids. The twist is that the river is filled with cash instead of raging waters. While you’ll probably never experience this phenomenon in real life, you can enjoy it in the form of a classic style slot from Microgaming.

Rapid Reels Online Slot Basics

The first thing you’re bound to notice is two guys in a raft floating on a river of cash. This theme is fun and captures the essence of the Rapid Reels online slot. Since this game is a replica of classic slot machines, there isn’t a lot of elaborate designs. Instead, you get three reels with clear and colorful symbols set against a mountainous background. Microgaming are experts at creating homages to the classics, and this online slot is no different. The majority of the symbol also fit the classic style and come in the form of “BAR” and fruit icons. Sound effects for the game can be turned on or off at the top menu.

You won’t have too many betting options when you play Rapid Reels, but the style of the game doesn’t warrant many controls. Before you spin, you can adjust the coin value and the number of coins. Adding extra coins to your bet will also activate more paylines. To skip both steps, simply push “BET MAX” and you’ll start the game with the highest wager. The reels only take up half the screen, so all the various payouts are conveniently on display to the right.

The Special Features

Rapid Reels is a classic online slot, and it is a great choice for fans of the oldies. However, its simple style means that it is very limited in terms of special features. In fact, this online slot only has one special feature that you will encounter.

Wild Symbol

The wild symbol is easy to spot, as it is the only symbol in the game that doesn’t reflect a classic slot machine icon. This wild symbol comes in the form of one of the rafters and serves the same purpose as wilds in other games. If you land it on the reels, the wild symbol can replace any other normal icon and complete a winning payline. It also offers payouts with the highest values if it takes up all three spots on a line. Naturally, the wild symbol is how you can earn the game’s top payout.

Average Payouts

While Rapid Reels is a nostalgic tribute to old machines with enough controls to keep you happy, it is underwhelming in terms of its special features. Sadly, the game’s average payout percentage is not much of a redeeming quality. When you play the Rapid Reels online slot, you can expect an average return to player, or RTP, of 94.9%. This disappointing number isn’t too surprising, considering slots pay out less than table games. However, a low RTP doesn’t help Rapid Reels to stand out.

You’ll be able to win as many as 5,000 coins with all wilds during one spin with by playing this game.

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Rapid Reels is made to be an online slot that will be familiar to players with experience on the vintage machines. The game does this just fine. The issue is that this slot does not really offer much beyond that. Though there are enough controls and a decent visual presentation, the game will get boring fast with a lack of special features. The RTP is very disappoint, but you probably won’t want to stick around long enough to worry about it. This is a nice game for diehard fans of classic gameplay, and that’s about it.