Oil Mania

Sometimes referred to as “black gold,” oil is undoubtedly one of the most valuable resources on the planet. Making a casino game based on such a big source of wealth is a no-brainer. Therefore, NextGen Gaming created the Oil Mania online slot. This game has five reels, 25 paylines, and various special features. You can play it for real or for free, and it works especially well on mobile devices.

Oil Mania Slots Online Basics

The visual presentation of the Oil Mania slots online is colorful, to say the least. The game has a background of a massive oil field, in which machinery is constantly churning out the valuable resource. Both sides of the slot’s reels show you where the paylines begin, making it easier to spot winning combinations. The symbols feature icons from playing cards and unique characters exclusive to the Oil Mania online slot. Overall, the graphics are quite pleasing and reflect the expert quality that comes from NextGen Gaming. You can enjoy sound effects as you play, or turn them off to experience the game in silence.

As you play the game, you can change a few things that affect your bet amount. The value of each coin can be adjusted, and the number of active paylines can be altered before spinning. One issue with Oil Mania is that the controls may be a bit confusing to newer players. They rely on symbols to show what control does instead of just displaying it in writing. In fact, nothing is labeled with text besides the “WIN” box. Of course, if you’re unclear with anything in this game, you can open the information section from the panel.

The Special Features

The visuals make Oil Mania a pretty game to look at, and the controls offer numerous ways to place a bet. However, the game’s highlight is its system of special features. Each bonus makes it easier for you to win bigger payouts when you’re lucky enough to activate a special feature. Included are the most prominent special features in the game.

Wild Symbol

You’ll occasionally see a wild symbol in the game that happens when the “oil tycoon” appears at the top of the reels. The wild symbol also triggers free spins when it happens and the wilds will stack on each reel. For example, you can end up with a wild symbol three rows high on the three center reels. The special function of the wild makes for endless possibilities to get a payout. In Oil Mania, it is formally known as the UpWild Feature.

Gamble Feature

Oil Mania is one of a select few online slots that lets you gamble your winnings. After you receive a payout, you’ll have the option to bet it all on identifying the color or suit of a random playing card. Guessing the color leads to a 2x multiplier, while the suit gives you 4x your bet. The only thing is that if you guess wrong, you’ll lose your payout completely. It’s a nice touch for players who like risk, but it does have a payout limit.

Average Payouts

The Oil Mania online slot proves its worth in all categories that matter, with only the average payout percentage left to be discussed. This game’s payout percentage is middling, giving the player a 95.5% RTP. Many online slots have better percentages, but the strengths of Oil Mania outweigh this mediocre trait.

It is worth noting that you can possibly win as many as 5,000 coins when you play Oil Mania.

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  • Visuals and Sound Effects
  • Bonuses and Features
  • Entertainment Factor
  • Payouts


NextGen is well-known for designing some classic games, and Oil Mania deserves to be among those ranks. The slot is a colorful and easy-to-use casino game that still has all the special features a veteran player can ask for. You may find the controls a little bit vague, but it’s only a minor inconvenience. It’s hard not to love the gamble feature as well. Oil Mania is a lot of fun and comes recommended to all players.