Mount Olympus Revenge of Medusa

Slot Basics

Mount Olympus Revenge of Medusa has an Ancient Greek Mythology theme. It has 25 lines that are full of winning chances, and five reels with a lot of bonuses and features. It has excellent visuals and sound effects that will immerse you into the theme as you get plenty of rewards.

Theme, Gameplay, and Graphics

Medusa is a Titan from the Greek Mythology; it is also one of the most well known mythical creatures from ancient Greece. Despite the fact that movies always portray Medusa as a Villain, her back-story begs the difference. According to other mythical Greek legends, Medusa was a beautiful mortal human, and Zeus loved her. Hera, Zeus’ wife, became so jealous that she cursed her with a curse of turning any man who looks at her to a stone statue. She became a titan, who can live forever and instead of her beautiful hair, she has snakes. Hera did that to destroy her beauty and to make sure no one falls in love with her as Zeus did.

Mount Olympus Revenge of Medusa invites you to travel to Ancient Greece and join the revenge of Medusa on the gods that made her that way. Microgaming presents that theme through this slot machine that has five reels and 25 stake lines. You will earn a lot of ancient Greek fortunes and treasures, whether through these lines or the bonuses of the slot machine. The symbols appearing on the reels include Medusa, Mount Olympus, golden fortunes, treasures, a love potion, and poker card symbols.

  • Spin button to start enjoying the slot machine
  • Lines, Coins, and Coin value to determine the stake you wish to put
  • View Pays to check out the payouts that the slot machine offers
  • Bet Max to set the maximum stake possible and spin the reels once

Bonus Features and Symbols

Mount Olympus Revenge of Medusa has a lot of bonuses and features. For instance, there is a wild icon and a free spins round.

The Wild Symbol:

The Golden Electrifying wild is the substitution symbol of the slot that is going to replace all other figures on the reels to help you create the best payout possible. The wild is not going to replace the logo of the slot, which is the scatter.

The Scatter Logo:

The scatter logo can hand out Scatter rewards, in addition to triggering the free spins round of Mount Olympus Revenge of Medusa. During these free spins, you will get extra wilds for a chance to claim higher rewards.

Payouts and Maximum Reward

Mount Olympus Revenge of Medusa has an RTP of 96.01%

  • The maximum payout that you can claim is equal 1000.

The Bottom Line

Mount Olympus Revenge of Medusa is an entertaining slot machine that comes with high-quality graphics and animations. The visuals depict the theme of the game perfectly, which will take you into the world of Ancient Greek mythology. There is also dramatic music playing the background that adds to the epic feeling of the experience.