Monkey keno

Are you the kind of player who goes ape over jackpots? With Monkey Keno, you will have a chance to earn all the jackpots you can handle. This is a unique instant win game styled after the classic Keno that is played in venues across the globe. The game comes with an 8 x 10 grid of numbers ranging from 1 to 80. You can select your own numbers or have Monkey Keno do it for you. However, the game has a surprising lack of any additional features.

Monkey Keno Appearance and Basic Gameplay

Since Monkey Keno is technically not an online slot, you will instead be presented with a layout styled after the classic instant win game. The background is a colorful jungle setting close to the ocean. A group of primates stand by and watch the action unfold as you play the game. This particular title is not the standard fare from Microgaming, but the developer uses its expertise in casino gaming to create another classic. Sound effects that accompany the excellent graphics can be turned off if desired.

As far as gameplay goes, you will pick your numbers and place your total bet just like classic Keno. When activated, the game will pick its own numbers at random and determine how much you will win. If you are experienced at playing Keno, you can use the “quick pick” option to have your numbers automatically selected. The “autoplay” feature activates multiple rounds of Monkey Keno with your original bet locked in place.

The Special Features

Monkey Keno takes on certain aspects of a slot, but it is mostly a unique game in itself. Therefore, you will not encounter a collection of special features like you would in online slots. However, the game offers special jackpot amounts that can be as much as 10,000 times your initial bet. This game is an excellent source of variety if you get burned out on slots, but it does not offer much beyond its basic gameplay.

Average Payouts

Online slots rely on random number generation to create unpredictable outcomes, so they can be easily tested. This allows for reports of the return to player (RTP) for each game. You have control over what numbers you pick in Monkey Keno, so gathering a similar average payout percentage is not possible. You will appreciate the rewards from this game if you have some knowledge of Keno, but there is no clear-cut RTP.

The maximum single win amount from a round of Monkey Keno is 100,000 credits, assuming the player earns a 10,000x jackpot on a 10-credit bet.

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Microgaming is a popular choice for online slots, but this unique game is pretty underwhelming. The graphics and sounds are great and the gameplay is simple, but there are no special features available when you play. A lack of bonuses in Monkey Keno is a definite downside when you consider the diverse slots that Microgaming has instead. You will find this game entertaining if you are a Keno enthusiast. However, this is a mediocre title compared to its more entertaining alternatives.