Magic Charms

Online slots are too often filled with the same old features and gameplay, which is why this title stands out for offering an enchanted experience. Magic Charms is an online slot from Microgaming that features five reels and a relaxing theme. The game is packed with special features, but its controls keep things simple enough for new players to learn the ropes. This online casino game can be played for real money at Microgaming casinos or as a free play demo.

Magic Charms Online Slot Basics

The visual appearance of the Magic Charms free slot game is mesmerizing, as it should be. Its background features incredibly large mushrooms and trees in the setting of an enchanted forest. While other games label each payline, Magic Charms does not because it has 243 payways that are always active. The symbols in the online slot are a mixture of standard and unique. Normal icons are taken from playing cards, and the special icons were designed specifically for this game. All of the designs are colorful and present the high quality that Microgaming is known for. Sound effects in the game can be turned off or on at the top of the screen.

Before you spin the reels in Magic Charms, you can change the amount of your bet with the provided controls. The game allows players to adjust the number of each coins and the overall value of each coin. Permanently active payways mean that you will not be able to adjust this factor. If you want to instantly bet the top amount instead, you can press “BET MAX” to do so. More advanced players can use the “AUTO PLAY” function to spin the reels automatically at a fixed bet. When you receive a payout, the total amount shows up in the upper right corner of your screen.

The Special Features

Magic Charms has nice graphics and just enough options to give you control over your bets. The online slots also has an impressive collection of special features that go beyond the standard fare in similar games. Each of the bonuses will give you a better chance at winning a larger payout than normal.

Wild Symbol

There are two official wild symbols in Magic Charms. The Frog Prince symbol and the Princess symbol are both wild and can replace other normal icons in the game. Frog Prince symbols only appear on the second reel, and Princess symbols will only show up on the fourth reel. An added benefit is when the symbols appear at the same time, they will expand across the entire reel. This feature also activates 3 free spins, leading to better payouts.

Treasure Chest Bonus

The treasure chest bonus prize unlocks when you specifically get a KEY symbol on the fifth reels and a CHEST symbol on the first reel. Both symbols trigger the bonus and you will receive a random prize. This payout will automatically be added to your account. It’s a simple mechanic of the game, but it adds a unique feature that you won’t find elsewhere.

Average Payouts

Magic Charms has all the making of a great online video slot, and its payout percentage posts a decent average as well. When you play this game, you will encounter a typical payout percentage of 96%. A few online slots will offer better payouts on average, but this number is still pretty good for the style of casino game.

You can win up to 10,000 coins from a single spin in the Magic Charms online slot.

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  • Visuals and Sound Effects
  • Bonuses and Features
  • Entertainment Factor
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This is a very good game from the Microgaming collection, even if it’s not extraordinary. You are presented with nice graphics, flexible betting options, and plenty of special features. The RTP is a highlight because it isn’t absolutely terrible, and the game’s medium variance will make for exciting outcomes. Magic Charms may not become an all-time favorite for you, but it is definitely worth a try.