Foamy fortunes

Instead of scratching cards, this game allows players to pop foamy bubbles in order to reveal the multipliers underneath them. Players who get three matching multipliers will be rewarded according to them. There is no certain number of bubbles that players can pop as players will keep popping them until they get three rubber ducks.

Foamy Fortunes is a very entertaining scratch card game, although most scratch card games are basically the same, as players get a card with a number of squares that they will start scratching, this game is special. Instead of a regular scratch card, players will find themselves in the middle of the bathroom as they enjoy a foamy bath with the popular yellow rubber duck as bubbles surround them from every angle.

Before players can start having fun popping the bubbles, they will have to choose how much they want to place in stakes for each round. Players will not be able to start the game before they specify their stake. This stake can be placed at the bottom left area. They will see two yellow symbols on the left and right side of the Stake cell. They will click on them to go through the different bets that they can place. The smallest bet is equal 2 while the biggest one is equal 10.

Players will then click on New Card to start the game and they will see soap bubbles floating around in the air. They will use their mouse in order to pop them, the more they pop, the more bubbles that will appear. When players pop these bubbles, there are 2 possible outcomes, they can find a multiplier or they can find a yellow rubber duck. Players can also pop 3 rubber ducks as after the 3rd one appears, the game will end.

When that happens, the multipliers that players have gotten will be listed under each other and if players manage to get 3 similar multipliers, they will have that matched multiplier multiplied by their original stake that they placed at the beginning of the round. Players can win up to 5000x their stake through this game.