Electric diva

Are you ready to rock? The Electric Diva online slot offers a heavy metal gaming style that is its centerpiece. This game was created by MahiGaming and provided to player through the Microgaming platform. You will have access to five reels and 40 paylines, complete with standard and special symbols. The slot has the usual special features and a matching payout percentage, so the power is in your hands to decide if this game shreds the competition.

Electric Diva Appearance and Basic Gameplay

The appearance of the Electric Diva online slot features a dark, brooding background on which the reels are displayed. Each symbol within the reels is expertly designed, including the standard icons and the game’s unique icons. The overall look of the game is easy on the eyes and the animations from the spinning reels run smoothly without errors. If you prefer to play slots with the sound off, you are able to toggle the audio within the game. However, Electric Diva provides cool sound effects that suit the game well.

This slot features simplified gameplay. In fact, it may be overly simple for some players. As you start the game, you will have the ability to change the overall amount of your total bet. Other than that, there are not many more adjustment you can make to the actual game. The basic features actually make this an ideal online slot for newer players. If you want a bit more control over the game’s operation, you can elect to use the “autoplay” feature included on the interface. Electric Diva also has a “pays” section for understanding the value of each payout.

The Special Features

While you may find the base gameplay of Electric Diva underwhelming, this slot makes up for it with its special features. The game contains enough rewarding extras to make each payout potentially much bigger. In addition, you will have little trouble learning how each feature works.

Wild Symbol

The Electric Diva online slot has a dedicated wild symbol that replaces other icons to ensure a winning payout. In this game, the wild symbol is represented by the logo. An added benefit is that the wilds in Electric Dvia multiply the overall payout. If you are lucky enough to hit five wild symbols in a row, you can earn 12,000 times your bet!

Scatter Symbol

This game’s scatter symbol comes in the form of two guitars. Scatter symbols aren’t bound to the normal rules of the game and create a unique payout. You will earn a multiplier on your original bet based on how many scatters appear on the reels at once. It should be noted that scatters and wilds cannot replace each other.

Free Spins

Free spins in the Electric Diva slot are where the biggest rewards can come from. If you land the glowing “alien” symbol, you can unlock free spins with a certain multiplier attached. You will only start out with up to three free spins at a time, but more spins can be triggered during the bonus round.

Average Payouts

If you find the features of Electric Diva to be satisfying, then you will be equally please with the game’s average payout percentage. This particular online slot posts a usual return to player that is just above 96%, which is an average number to see on most slots. It offers you a decent chance to earn payouts and has a rather low variance.

The maximum payout possible is 15,000 coins from a single spin in Electric Diva.

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While it does not have the WOW factor of similar online slots, Electric Diva is a solid choice if you’re a new player. The slot offers simple controls and clear betting options so that learning how to play is easy. Additionally, the special features are exciting and rewarding without being overly complicated. This game pays out like most of its peers, so it doesn’t exactly stand out above the rest. However, the theme and smooth gameplay will keep you entertained like any other classic slot.