Double exposure gold

This game is also very popular among new players. In this game, players will be able to see the two cards that the dealer has. This is why a lot of new players flock to the Double Exposure Blackjack Gold tables. The rest of the blackjack rules apply to this game.

Double Exposure Blackjack is a pretty unique blackjack game. Most, if not all, blackjack games include a hole card for the dealer, which means that the players will get dealt 2 cards facing up while the dealer is dealt a hole card (facing down) and a card face up. This makes it hard for players to know the hand of the dealer and whether they should hit and get more cards or stand. This game makes it easier for players as in this game, all cards are exposed, this is why it is entitled Double Exposure Blackjack. So when the dealer gets the 2 cards at the beginning of the game, they are both facing up.

This is why this game is highly popular among new players because it makes their mission easier. Of course, with such great advantage to the player, there are some different rules that the game has in order to even out the playing field. For example, Blackjack does not pay 3 to 2 like other blackjack games, but it pays even money times 1, the dealer also wins all ties, whether blackjack ties or 21 ties and lastly, the dealer must hit on soft 17 and will stand at hard 17s.

The minimum bet that players can place is equal 5 while the maximum bet is equal 500. These bets are placed at the beginning of the game by choosing a chip size and placing it on the betting area. Players can split aces, but they will only get to hit once after splitting the aces and players can only double down at hand totals of nine, ten and eleven. Lastly, players can split the hand up to three times to form a total of 4 blackjack hands.