Bingo bonanza

Bingo BonanzaWhen players click on play, this machine is going to pump out a number of balls, these balls will have a number of a multiplier on them. Players will have to get two matching bingo balls in order to be awarded according to the multiplier on them.

If you are a bingo fan who enjoys watching the bingo balls getting pumped by a machine in chances of winning but you are bored out of your mind because of the time it takes for a bingo game to be over as you wait for the caller and other players, if the answer is a yes, then Microgaming has the game that will satisfy your needs. It is this game, Bingo Bonanza.

Bingo Bonanza is a single player bingo game in which players will not wait for the caller or join other players in a long and a boring game of bingo. This game allows players to enjoy a great number of bingo games in the least amount of time possible. Of course, the game is not exactly a game of bingo, as it is a scratch game at heart but it has a bingo theme to it.

Players who want to try out the game can do that here for free on Players will start by choosing how much they want to stake on this bingo game. The stake varies between 0.50 credits and 10 credits per game. Once players have placed their stake, they will be able to start the game by clicking on Play. The bingo machine will start pumping out bingo balls, it will pump out 6 balls in total. Each ball with have a multiplier on it, this multiplier varies between x2 and x20000. If the machine pumps out 2 similar bingo balls with equal multipliers, players will be rewarded with that multiplier that will be multiplied by their stake. They will also see a paytable on the left side and a red marker that will mark the numbers that the machine has pumped to make it easier for players to follow the gameplay.