As you may have guessed from the name of this Microgaming classic slot, Italian cooking, namely pizza, is the order of the day here. Belissimo is one of those new-fangled “classic slots” that contains a number of special features and an absolutely mouth watering and tasty, large jackpot. None of that is anything we’re complaining about though, and Belissimo is a solid enough game that you’re guaranteed to never have eaten your fill of it.
How to play Belissimo slots online
Players are entitled to choose coin denominations that range from a base of $0.25 up to a cap of $5. Only one coin per line can be staked, though there are actually five paylines in this 3 reel slot game, and that means that players can actually make minimum and maximum wagers of $0.25 and $25 respectively, when playing the game.
The slot machine’s icons aren’t the most imaginative, with only one of them truly being related to the theme of the game. Single bars, double bars and triple bars all make up the standard symbols, whilst an orange and yellow glowing seven is also a prized icon. The most lucrative icon though, is reserved for the chef symbol.
Belissimo Slot Bonus Features
As mentioned, there are a number of bonus features included in this slot. The special features all stem from the chef symbol, which is also a wild icon. When it appears on an active payline, players can substitute it for any other symbol that they might require to win the payline. Given that there are only three reels, the wild is a big paying symbol, and is also responsible for the jackpot.
Belissimo slot Payouts
It is entirely possible for players to pick up a decent amount of wins in this slot. Any 3 bar icons rewards players with the lowest payout in the game. A total of 10 coins can be won if a player lines up 3 single bar icons, whilst 3 double bar symbols results in a payout worth 40 coins. Gamers who bag 3 triple bar symbols will win 60 coins, whilst 80 coins are the prize for any gamers that manages to bag the glowing seven icons, which also happen to be situated in front of the pizza oven, if you look carefully.
The Belissimo jackpot
You might say that there are five jackpots to win in this classic slot. In order to win a jackpot, a player must line up 3 of the chef icons across a payline. However, the catch is that each payline offers a different sum of money for the 3 chefs. Bagging the 3 chefs on the first payline will result in a payout of 1,000 coins, whilst the second and third paylines will payout jackpots of 1,500 and 2,000 coins respectively. A fourth payline jackpot will reward the player with 2,500 coins. The top jackpot in the slot is on the fifth payline, which is worth 5,000 coins for 3 identical chef symbols on that payline.
Other notes on Belissimo
It is a nice idea, albeit not an entirely original one to have a pizza or Italian restaurant themed slot. However, the way that the jackpot situation works is wholly unique, and actually presents the gamer with 5 very big win possibilities. This is an ingenious idea that will no doubt be copied into other slots.
Even though it is only designed to be a three reel slot, the paylines can run diagonally, which means that you have 5 paylines in a game where you would ordinarily only ever have 3. This system has already been implemented into other simple 3 reel slots.
At the end of the day, only you will know if Belissimo has what it takes to keep you entertained, but there are a lot of classic slots out there that don’t have as much to give as this one, and that makes it suitable for most players.