Beer fest

The first game is called the Munchies. In this game, players will have to match the plate with the waiter to win. The second game is called Beers all Around. Players will choose the guy who will win in a beer drinking competition. The last game is called Table Dancing in which players will pick a table for the guy to dance on, if he finishes his dance, players will win.

Beer Fest is a scratch card game at heart, but it comes as a surprise. Instead of one chance of winning, Beer Fest offers players three different chances of winning as with one single card, players will enjoy three different games with three separate prizes. Players can win any of the games and lose the rest and still claim a payout.

Players will choose the ticket prize at the bottom on the left side as they toggle between the available ticket sizes. These sizes vary greatly between 0.50 credits per game up to 10.00 credits. After players choose the ticket price, they will select one of the three games available. These games are Match the Munches, Beers All Round and Table Dancing.

In the first game, Match the Munches, players will see a table that has three covered plates and will see a German waiter holding a plate. They will click on the three plates and reveal them and then click on the plate that is with the waiter. If they match that plate with any of the ones on the table, they will be able to claim a payout. The multiplier can be revealed under the table.

The second game, Beers All Round is a beer drinking game in which players will see two German beer drinkers. They will pick one of them and they will both start drinking, if the player that the players chose wins, they will win a multiplier that can be revealed under the table. Lastly, the third game, the table dancing game. In this game, players will see four tables and a German table dancer. Players will choose one of the tables on which the dancer will dance. If he succeeds in completing his routine without breaking the table, they will win.


Beer Fest is a beer themed scratch card game with innovative games. Players will purchase a card. This card will enable players to enjoy three games with three different prizes.