Software Download

Casino Software Download and Setup Guide

This is a general description of how to download the software at a casino. Note that some casinos’ software may vary from this description. This, though, is the most common method:

1. Installer

When you first choose to download an online casino suite, you will be prompted to download its installer. Once you have downloaded it, run the installation process. This is a very straightforward process.

2. Games

Some online casino software suites allow users to choose which games they would like to download, in order to cut back on the amount of space the software uses up. Choose a few games that you think you would be interested in playing in the near future and continue on with the installation.

3. Location

Normally, the installer will pick Program Files as the folder in which to install the casino software. If this is not the option automatically, presented to you, you should change it. Otherwise, if you wish to install it to a folder besides Program Files, make the necessary adjustments.

4. Download

Now, the casino will download the games you’ve chosen to install. This step takes about 10 to 15 minutes, depending on your internet and computer speed.

5. Getting ready to play

Now, you’re ready to play! Most online casinos offer a free version of their games to test out before depositing so have a go at these before you play for Real Money.

NOTE: You will likely have to create an account before installing the software. For help with this process, visit our Account Creation page.