Vegas Downtown

vegas_downtown_bj_goldVegas Downtown Blackjack is a variety of the game that is similar to what is played in the Downtown region of Las Vegas. This is the part of the city that is north of the Strip and features some of the more historic casinos in the area. This version of blackjack is popular for being a little more open than other variants in terms of what players can get out of it.

Drawing Rules

Vegas Downtown Blackjack uses two decks of cards. These are standard decks that have all the standard cards. This is a big part of the game that gives the player a better advantage and offers more of a chance to win something grand.

There are many additional drawing rules to see in Vegas Downtown Blackjack:

  • The dealer always hits on a soft 17.
  • This is a hole card game, which means that the dealer will always check on the other card that one gets to see if a natural blackjack will take place. The dealer will reveal the card if this does happen, thus ending the round with the dealer winning.
  • A double down can occur on the first two cards no matter what they are. The double down feature can also work after a split.
  • A split can work with two cards of the same number or value. That means a king and a queen can be split; there‚Äôs no need to only get two of the exact same type of card.
  • A hand can be split three times, thus giving the player four hands at the most. However, an ace that is split will automatically receive one card and stop from that point.

The key for Vegas Downtown Blackjack is to create an experience that is identical to what people can find in the Downtown area at places like the D, Golden Gate, Plaza and El Cortez casinos among many other popular classic casinos that have been a crucial part to the history of Las Vegas.