Triple Sevens

triplesevens-logoTriple Sevens Blackjack is a game that uses a noteworthy side bet. The game has a few rules that are slightly different from traditional blackjack but it also uses a side bet that makes it so a player could potentially get a better overall total on the game. The bet offers special ways to win extra but the biggest part here is that a player can possibly win a progressive jackpot if the right types of 7s come up on the game within one’s hand.

Drawing Rules

The game uses five decks of cards and uses many different principles of blackjack but with a few key points:

  • The dealer always stands on a 17 even if it’s a soft one.
  • A double down can occur on any hand of 9, 10 or 11 in value. However, only one card is given and the player has to stand at this point.
  • A split can only occur if a player has two matching cards. A player can do this with two jacks but not with a jack and a king.
  • A split can occur with aces but the player can only get one card on each hand. Also, a split with an ace and a ten or face card is only a 21 and not a blackjack.

The biggest part of Triple Sevens Blackjack is the special side payout. A player must put an extra side bet on the table to use this. This is where a player can get a special payout if a 7 appears on one’s hand. These payouts are based off of one chip being used on the side bet:

  • A player gets 5 chips when a 7 appears.
  • It goes to 25 when two 7s appear.
  • It is then 50 if the two 7s are in the same suit.
  • Three 7s will result in 250 coins.
  • Three 7s with the same suit are good for 1,000 coins.
  • A player who gets three 7s with a diamond suit on each will get whatever the jackpot is at the time.