High Streak BlackJack

high-streak-blackjackHigh Streak Blackjack uses a unique side bet option that looks at what can happen in the event that you are on a winning streak while playing. You can get a better payout on this side bet if you can get as many wins in a row as possible. In fact, it only takes two straight winning hands to get something out of this feature. It costs extra to use this bet but it can be worthwhile if you end up going off on a good-size winning streak.

Drawing Rules

This game uses a basic standard for play with a pair of decks that are always shuffled before each game. This is to keep the cards as random as possible.

You can use many traditional controls like the option to split your cards, the ability to double down on a 9, 10 or 11 and the option to hit as often as needed on a standard hand. The dealer will also stand on any 17 regardless of if it is soft or hard.

The key part of this game is a side bet feature where you can place a certain amount of money on your hand with the intention of getting a winning streak. This bet total will be kept in play during your entire hand. It will then pay out to you in the event that you win multiple hands in a row. You have to bet more money on each hand during your streak but it will still pay out if you keep the streak going.

Specifically, you will get a 1:1 payout if you win two games in a row, a 2:1 payout for three straight wins and a 5:1 payout when you win four in a row. The best is 10:1 for when you win five straight games on High Streak Blackjack.