Classic BlackJack

game-13Classic Blackjack is a traditional form of blackjack that works like any other blackjack game but with one massive difference. Classic Blackjack uses only one 52-card deck. This means that the house’s advantage will be substantially lower than it is on other games. The game’s altered rules are relatively varied but they will give you some good ways to win if you can use them well enough to your overall advantage.

Drawing Rules

This game uses one deck of cards and offers a standard setup with the same traditional moves that can be used in a single game. You can always choose standard moves like the ability to hit, stand and double down. There are a few additional rules that can be found in a Classic Blackjack game:

  • You can double down once but you must have a 9, 10 or 11 at the start of a hand in order to do this.

  • The dealer will always stand on a 17 regardless of whether it’s a hard or soft one.

  • A split can occur on two cards that are of the same value and type. That is, two face cards can be split provided that they are both of the same particular figure.

  • A blackjack will pay 3-to-2 while an insurance bet will pay 2-to-1. This insurance bet works for when the dealer has a chance at getting a natural blackjack.

  • The dealer will not peek at one’s card after the first ones are dealt. This means that the dealer will not look to see if one has a natural blackjack in the event that there is a chance for the dealer to have one.

These are relatively simple rules that can be used. The game’s variants are rather easy to figure out and will not do far too much with regards to changing what can happen when you are playing along.