Bonus BlackJack

bonus-blackjackBonus Blackjack works in a way that is similar to traditional blackjack in that the rules are pretty much the same as what a standard game entails. The big difference is that Bonus Blackjack offers some different ways for people to win through special side events that can occur.

The bonuses that are available will vary based on where you go. These include many great features that can potentially pay out more with some of them being worst a great deal of money and offering a big chance for you to get something grand off of a hand even if it’s not a winning one.

Drawing Rules

The types of bets that can come about in a Bonus Blackjack game typically occur alongside many of the traditional rules that come with blackjack. Here are a few popular examples with the options varying by each individual table or casino:

  • You can get 7s to pay out more on a hand. That is, you can get a larger bonus if you have a 7 or even many of the same card on your hand.
  • A Royal Match can entail a king and queen together as you start the game. You can get a larger payout if you get this at the start or a reduced one if a king or queen appears first and then the other appear later on, thus potentially negating any losses from a bust.
  • You could even bet on a particular value in terms of the number you will get at the start. You can place a side bet on the total at the start and possibly get a payout depending on what shows up. This is similar to what you’d see in Sic Bo where you pick the specific number that comes up within a combination.

Depending on where you go, you could either get these special bonus features to work automatically or you might have to place a side bet on the game to be eligible. This side bet feature is typically used in cases where a progressive jackpot or other very large payout is involved in the game.

Playing Tips

Be advised that the Royal Match option will not pay you anything if you get it off of a third or later card. It is just something that will make it as though you played a free hand.

Make sure you look for the number of decks being used on a Bonus Blackjack game. Some games may offer four or five decks but others can go up to eight.

Where to Play

The Jackpot Paradise and Vegas Paradise casinos both have Bonus Blackjack games of all sorts. These include many great ways for players to win but be sure you look at the rules of each option to see which is right for you. Regardless of whatever Bonus Blackjack game you play at the Jackpot Paradise or Vegas Paradise casino, each place will offer up to $200 in free money on a first deposit plus some added weekly bonuses and even some VIP offers available to some of the most experienced players at these spots.