Whitney Houston’s Daughter Investigated for Underage Gambling

According to recent reports, Bobbi Kristina Houston – daughter of the late Whitney Houston – was caught gambling at a casino in Las Vegas. Being just 19-years-old, she is two years too young to be gambling in Las Vegas. An investigation into the matter has been launched. 

Bobbi Kristina was in town attending the Billboard Music Awards. At the event, she gave a heart-warming speech about her mother’s life. To unwind, she visited the local casino, where she was caught on video playing slots. 

MGM Casino, the venue in which the incident took place, has launched an investigation, examining the video footage that caught the alleged misdemeanour. The Nevada Gaming Commission will also be looking into the issue. Should Bobbi Kristina be found guilty, she is likely to face fines of up to $1000. MGM Casino will have to pay even larger fines for allowing underage gambling to take place at all. 

Underage gambling is normally a rare occurrence in Las Vegas. Casinos in the city work very hard to ensure that the crime does not take place, employing many different prevention methods. However, it is always likely that a transgression will occur; in the case of celebrities, the likelihood seems even higher. 


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