Trades and Tranfers: Young Sports Talents May Be Overpriced

From a business perspective, now is one of the most exciting times in the football industry. Plenty of transfers and trades are taking place, and two of the biggest deals are getting ready to come to a close. With Liverpool grabbing Jordan Henderson for £20 million and Manchester United signing Phil Jones for £15 million, many spectators are scratching their heads, wondering if these players are worth the money.

Soccer News reports that there is increasing concern over the price of young British football players, especially with the news of these two transfers. While both players show promise and potential, neither Henderson nor Jones is ready to conquer the pitch.

It is argued that many young British players are overhyped, a dangerous prospect as it sends their prices through the roof. As such, many premiere leagues look for talent elsewhere, as foreign players are inexpensive.

The same situation has occurred in several sports around the world, namely basketball. Young players like Lebron James have been hyped to great heights; however, when it comes to performing, fans and officials must stop to wonder if they were worth the price.

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