Social Gaming Popular Among Smartphone Users

Social gaming is becoming increasingly popular among mobile phone users. The mobile gaming market is booming nowadays, and it’s thanks to social games like Farmville and Zynga Poker.

Smart phones like the Android and the iPhone give social gamers the chance to take part in their favourite online games from virtually anywhere. No longer do players have to log on from their laptops or home computers; now, they can get their daily fix of social gaming from their phones or tablet computers.

According to analysts, 90% of gamers will be mobile users in the near future. So, online gaming operators are encouraged to explore the mobile gaming market. Popular social games developer Zynga is valued at $9 billion, as both the social and mobile gaming trends continue to take off.

This is a sign for online casino and poker operators. While the majority of the market still resides in the online world, it is about time that operator began exploring the mobile realm.  Microgaming has launched several games for mobile devices, but the industry has yet to recognized the value in mobile gaming.

Some online poker and online casino operators are even considering jumping into social gaming. Online bingo and online poker are inherently social games, and operators are finding new ways to integrate these activities with social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

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