Placing Canada On The Map

Canada is one of the most developed countries in the world, but has always been considered a minor power with little influence upon other nations and international organizations.  However, in the last few months several notable Canadians have been recognized as outstanding in their fields of expertise, and given the country recognition to not be dismissed so easily.

The latest example of Canadian merit is through Cardinal Marc Ouellet from Quebec, who instantly became a frontrunner by bookmakers and online casinos to replace outgoing Pope Benedict XVI.  Ouellet has been noted by priests, the Vatican, and many members of the Roman Catholic faith as a bridge between the traditionalism of the church and a modernized approach to religion.  The Vatican believes a Pope who originates outside of Europe will bring new members to the Roman Catholic community, and Ouellet’s close personal relationship with the outgoing Pope provides the Quebec Cardinal with the highest validation possible.

The world is taking another gamble on Canada through the appointment of Bank of Canada Governor Mark Carney to the elevated position as Governor of the Bank of England.  Carney has been lauded by financial analysts as a rock star in the industry.  His efforts helped steer Canada through the worst of the recession in order to recover in a better position than all other developed nations.  The Bank of England, the world’s second largest bank which is still swamped in an unmanageable deficit, is gambling on the Canadian Governor to reposition Britain as he did Canada.

However, the most world renowned – and out of this world – Canadian is Chris Hadfield, who is the first Canadian to command the International Space Station.  Hadfield has become the face of space due to his interactive engagement with the media from the space station, and his encouragement of young children to follow their dreams to become astronauts.  Hadfield has used Twitter to post pictures of the Earth from his point of view, and the international community has loved the pictures.

These three ambassadors are only a few examples of Canada’s contributions to the world, and all are unapologetically, first and foremost Canadian at their cores.  They serve as a reminder for the world that Canada is not a nation to be forgotten. 

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