Online Payment Processor Appears in Court

In a sign of the times pertaining to online gambling in the United States another person is appearing before the courts in relation to e processing charges and online casinos. A California man appeared in court this week after pleading guilty to money laundering in relation to online gambling associations.

As part of his plea deal, Martin Loftus has agreed to help federal authorities pin down other online gambling money laundering and website operations since online casinos are still illegal in the United States.

Federal authorities are attempting to stop the payments to US players from offshore online casinos and some of the bigger names in the industry have been implicated in this latest Maryland court case including Full Tilt Poker. Earlier this year there was another case where another processor was sentenced to one year probation after agreeing to work with the federal authorities in a similar situation.

Michael Garone agreed to assist the authorities to disrupt payments to
In some of the cases the amounts were substantial and one in particular a Swiss bank was involved in the amounts reached 1.5 million. For many of the countries that opposed online gambling the flow of money out of their economic system is one of the most important issues.

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