Online Casinos Gain Most Web Traffic

The internet is full of all sorts of interesting activities to take part in, but online gambling has emerged as the most popular of all. According to a new study, statistics show that interest in online gambling has increased greatly over the past year, as online casinos have become some of the most-visited sites on the internet.

According to the study, online gambling websites received 13.5 million unique visitors in the month of July alone. 11% of that total came from activity surrounding the World Series of Poker tournament, which hit its peak as the main event attracted a wide range of spectators who were inspired to try out their own poker-playing skills. PokerStars is the industry’s most-visited online poker website, with 2.4 million visitors each month. Full Tilt Poker and King Lotto Network follow closely behind with 2.3 million and 2 million visitors respectively. Bringing up the rear is Ultimate Bet with just 1 million visitors each month. Other highly-visited sites included retail toys and travel information – although Google remained at the top of the list. Twitter was Number 50 on the list of the most visited sites in July, while Yahoo was still near Google at the top.

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