OLG to Close 3 Slots Casinos

 Video Lottery Terminals (VLTs) and slot machines have become popular in Canadian casinos. There are even several venues in Ontario dedicated solely to offering electronic gaming to players. However, the OLG has determined that these locations are simply not profitable enough to keep open. As such, the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation has decided to close many of these locations. 

This week, the OLG has announced the closure of three slots clubs in Ontario. Over 550 employees will lose their jobs as a result of this closure, but the OLG has confirmed that they will receive generous severance packages. Still, this is not enough for many employees: 
“And I feel very disrespected as an employee as OLG preaches integrity, because I don’t feel this is integrity”, says Lisa Mason, a soon-to-be former employee of Hiawatha Slots in Sarnia. 
Many of the employees of these casinos are not sure what they will do with for work in the future. While relocating to the casino in the GTA seems like a viable solution, many employees have families in Sarnia and Fort Erie, settling in homes close to their former places of work. 

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