Mobile Gaming Debate Continues: Apple or Android

Apple has long been the reigning champion in the mobile entertainment market, but Google seems to be taking over some of that power. With a prediction that Google will overtake half of the mobile market share by 2012, online gaming industry professionals are looking at the reasons why.

It all seems to boil down to software. While Apple may present sleeker and more stylish products, Google’s Android devices are made for functional use, allowing mobile casino players to get the most out of their devices. During a session at the EGR Live conference, industry professionals discussed the issue.

In the online gambling market, there are two types of software: native and browser-based. Native software is the kind that you can download onto you device while browser-based software streams over the internet. Apple devices can only use browser-based gambling apps as the OS does not allow players to download software of this type.

According to industry experts, this is a downside to using Apple products. Native applications feature more advance graphics and smoother operation. As browser-based apps depend heavily on the mobile internet provider, native applications run the same regardless of internet speed.

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