Laid-off Workers Win $7 Million Jackpot

Canada’s Lotto 6/49 has come to the rescue for a group of workers who are about to be laid off. 18 employees of Calgary’s Smart Technologies were handed their pink slips after the company decided to close their doors, and the group decided to take one last chance at making their dreams come true.

Fortunately, they did. The group of workers played Lotto 6/49 and won a $7 million jackpot. Each employee would be able to claim $400 000, which is about 15 years’ salary.

The coworkers had been playing the lottery together for years when they finally won the jackpot, and it seemed to have come at the opportune moment. Some of the winners had just gotten married while others had just returned to work from long-term sickness leave.

Even with this life-changing amount of money, each winner has announced modest plans for their winnings. Many stated that they will pay off their debts while others announced that they would invest their money.

Whatever they decide to do with their winnings, one thing is certain – they won’t have to worry about money for quite some time. Even after being laid off from their jobs, the group can rest easy as their finances are taken care of for the next few years.

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