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Industry Insights

The Canadian gambling market developed over decades as the practice became culturally accepted across the country, while technological advancements expanded the reach of the games.  As new real-money games were created, gambling tycoons created casinos to profit from the games within one gaming facility.  The casino was later transitioned into the digital era, when gaming firms developed online casinos to broaden their reach across the globe.

Similar to regular casinos, online casinos must acquire a gaming license from a national gaming regulator.  In Canada, the federal government allows online casinos to operate within the country, and players largely responded to the freedom of betting in digital form.  Provinces later recognized the amount of money to be made in regulated online casinos, which lead to the creation of provincially regulated online casinos.


The market continues to expand year over year, and this infographic explains where online gambling began, where it is now, and where it will end up in the future.


Industry Insights